Early Development Program (EDP) Yields Results: EDP-01, an Innovative Molecule for Type II Diabetes, Enters the Company's Main Product Pipeline

August 24, 2010
EDP-01, an innovative compound for treating type II diabetes, has successfully completed BioLineRx's Early Development Program (EDP) and will enter the Company's main product pipeline. This is a significant milestone for BioLineRx, as EDP-01 is the first graduate of the EDP program to enter its main product pipeline.
EDP, a unique program to identify and advance novel and innovative therapeutic research, was established by BioLineRx in June 2007. The program seeks to identify and advance such research from early stages, even before in vivo activity has been demonstrated. In the framework of this program, projects are provided with up to two years of funding, in addition to obtaining professional and scientific support from BioLineRx's expert teams. The program has been awarded a $6 million total grant from the Pan Atlantic Group (Albert Friedberg Family) and BioLineRx, and now includes 9 research projects.
In the framework of EDP, the activity of the compound EDP-01 was assessed in a number of animal models for type II diabetes. The results show that EDP-01 reduces high blood glucose levels, thus having potential as a therapeutic treatment for type 2 diabetes. This unique compound has a novel mechanism, activating purine receptors and inducing insulin secretion. EDP-01 has graduated to BioLineRx's main product pipeline and will be referred to from now on as BL-6010.
BL-6010 was invented by Prof Bilha Fischer, and is being developed by BioLineRx, Ltd. under a worldwide exclusive license from Bar Ilan Research and Development Company Ltd (BIRAD).
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