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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form F-1 on 10/02/2012
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Backup Withholding Tax and Information Reporting Requirements
Generally, information reporting requirements will apply to distributions on our Shares or proceeds on the disposition of our Shares paid within the United States (and, in certain cases, outside the United States) to U.S. Investors other than certain exempt recipients, such as corporations. Furthermore, backup withholding may apply to such amounts if the U.S. Investor fails to (i) provide a correct taxpayer identification number, (ii) report interest and dividends required to be shown on its U.S. federal income tax return, or (iii) make other appropriate certifications in the required manner. U.S. Investors who are required to establish their exempt status generally must provide such certification on IRS Form W-9.
Backup withholding is not an additional tax. Amounts withheld as backup withholding from a payment may be credited against a U.S. Investor’s U.S. federal income tax liability and such U.S. Investor may obtain a refund of any excess amounts withheld by filing the appropriate claim for refund with the IRS and furnishing any required information in a timely manner.
U.S. Investors should consult their own tax advisors concerning the tax consequences relating to the purchase, ownership and disposition of the Shares.