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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form F-1 on 10/02/2012
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In that case, the Depositary will allocate the net proceeds of the sales to the account of the ADS holders entitled to the rights. The allocation will be made on an averaged or other practicable basis without regard to any distinctions among holders.
If registration under the Securities Act is required in order to offer or sell to the ADS holders the securities represented by any rights, the Depositary will not make the rights available to ADS holders unless a registration statement is in effect or such securities are exempt from registration. We do not, however, have any obligation to file a registration statement or to have a registration statement declared effective. If the Depositary cannot make any rights available to ADS holders and cannot dispose of the rights and make the net proceeds available to ADS holders, then it will allow the rights to lapse, and the ADS holders will not receive any value for them.
Voting of the underlying shares
Under the deposit agreement, an ADS holder is entitled, subject to any applicable provisions of Israeli law, our articles of association and bylaws and the deposited securities, to instruct the Depositary how to exercise voting rights pertaining to the shares represented by its ADSs. If we so request, the Depositary will send to ADS holders such information as is contained in the notice of meeting that the Depositary receives from us, as well as a statement that holders of as the close of business on the specified record date will be entitled to instruct the Depositary as to the exercise of voting rights and a statement as to the manner in which the such instructions may be given.
Changes affecting deposited securities.
 If there is any change in nominal value or any split - up, consolidation, cancellation or other reclassification of deposited securities, or any recapitalization, reorganization, business combination or consolidation or sale of assets involving us, then any securities that the Depositary receives in respect of deposited securities will become new deposited securities. Each ADS will automatically represent its share of the new deposited securities, unless the Depositary delivers new ADSs as described in the following sentence. The Depositary may distribute new ADSs or ask ADS holders to surrender their outstanding ADSs in exchange for new ADSs describing the new deposited securities.
Amendment of the deposit agreement
The Depositary and we may agree to amend the form of the ADSs and the deposit agreement at any time, without the consent of the ADS holders. If the amendment adds or increases any fees or charges (other than taxes or other governmental charges) or prejudices an important right of ADS holders, it will not take effect as to outstanding ADSs until 30 days after the Depositary has sent the ADS holders a notice of the amendment. At the expiration of that 30-day period, each ADS holder will be considered by continuing to hold its ADSs to agree to the amendment and to be bound by the deposit agreement as so amended. The Depositary and we may not amend the deposit agreement or the form of ADSs to impair the ADS holder’s right to surrender its ADSs and receive the Ordinary Shares and any other property represented by the ADSs, except to comply with mandatory provisions of applicable law.
Termination of the deposit agreement
The Depositary will terminate the deposit agreement if we ask it to do so and will notify the ADS holders at least 30 days before the date of termination. The Depositary may also terminate the deposit agreement if it resigns and a successor depositary has not been appointed by us and accepted its appointment within 60 days after the Depositary has given us notice of its resignation. After termination of the deposit agreement, the Depositary will no longer register transfers of ADSs, distribute dividends to the ADS holders, accept deposits of Ordinary Shares, give any notices, or perform any other acts under the deposit agreement whatsoever, except that the Depositary will continue to:
collect dividends and other distributions pertaining to deposited securities;
sell rights as described under the heading “Dividends, other distributions and rights — Rights to subscribe for additional shares and other rights” above; and
deliver deposited securities, together with any dividends or other distributions received with respect thereto and the net proceeds of the sale of any rights or other property, in exchange for surrendered ADSs.