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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form F-1 on 10/02/2012
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Pursuant to the Research Law, recipients of grants from the OCS are prohibited from manufacturing products developed using OCS grants or derived from technology developed with OCS grants outside of the State of Israel and from transferring rights to manufacture such products outside of Israel. However, the OCS may, in special cases, approve the transfer of manufacture or of manufacturing rights of a product developed in an approved program or which results therefrom, outside of Israel. If we were to receive approval to manufacture or to transfer the rights to manufacture our products developed with OCS grants outside of Israel, we would be required to pay an increased total amount of royalties (possibly up to 300% of the grant amounts plus interest), depending on the portion of total manufacturing that is performed outside of Israel. In addition, the royalty rate applicable to us could possibly increase. Such increased royalties constitute the total repayment amount required in connection with the transfer of manufacturing rights of OCS funded products outside Israel. The Research Law does enable companies to seek prior approval for conducting manufacturing activities outside of Israel without being subject to increased royalties; however, the OCS rarely grants such prior approval.
In addition, under the Research Law, we are prohibited from transferring our OCS financed technologies, technologies derived therefrom and related intellectual property rights outside of Israel except under limited circumstances and only with the approval of the OCS and upon making a payment to the OCS. We may not receive the required approvals for any proposed transfer and, if received, we may be required to pay the OCS a portion of the consideration that we receive upon any sale of such technology to a non-Israeli entity. The scope of the support received, the royalties that we may have already paid to the OCS, the amount of time that has elapsed between the date on which the technology was transferred and the date on which the OCS grants were received and the sale price and the form of transaction will be taken into account in order to calculate the amount of the payment to the OCS. In addition, approval of the transfer of technology to residents of Israel is required, and may be granted in specific circumstances, only if the recipient agrees to abide by the provisions of applicable laws, including the restrictions on the transfer of know-how and the obligation to pay royalties. No assurances can be made that approval to any such transfer, if requested, will be granted.
The State of Israel does not own intellectual property rights in technology developed with OCS funding and there is no restriction on the export of products manufactured using technology developed with OCS funding. The technology is, however, subject to transfer of technology and manufacturing rights restrictions as described above. For a description of such restrictions, please see “Risk Factors — Risks Relating to Our Operations in Israel.” OCS approval is not required for the export of any products resulting from the research or development or for the licensing of any technology in the ordinary course of business.
Biotechnology Incubator Program. In 2001, the OCS launched a biotechnology incubator program for advancing Israel’s biotechnology industry. The program was significantly changed by the OCS in May 2004, pursuant to which the OCS invited companies to submit proposals to establish and operate OCS-funded biotechnology incubators to provide a physical, organized and professional platform for commercializing biotechnological research and development projects. We submitted a proposal to operate a biotechnology incubator, and our proposal was accepted by the OCS. Accordingly, we entered into the incubator agreement with the OCS in January 2005. The initial agreement was scheduled to expire on December 31, 2010 but at the end of 2010, the OCS agreed to renew the agreement for an additional two years, with an option to renew for another one-year period at the same terms and conditions, subject to OCS approval. We recently received notification from the OCS that they have agreed to extend the incubator agreement for the final one-year period through December 31, 2013. We formed BIJ L.P. to act as the incubator entity. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, BIJ Ltd., is the general partner of BIJ L.P., also referred to as the incubator, and owns 1% of BIJ L.P.’s partnership interests, while BioLineRx is a limited partner of BIJ L.P. and owns the remaining 99% of BIJ L.P.’s partnership interests.