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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form F-3 on 12/28/2017
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a fee for the distribution of securities pursuant to the deposit agreement;
in addition to any fee charged under clause 6, a fee of $.05 or less per ADS (or portion thereof) per annum for Depositary services;
a fee for the distribution of proceeds of rights that the Depositary sells pursuant to the deposit agreement; and
any other charges payable by the Depositary, any of the Depositary’s agents, or the agents of the Depositary’s agents in connection with the servicing of shares or other deposited securities.
The Depositary may own and deal in our securities and in ADSs.
The Depositary collects its fees for delivery and surrender of ADSs directly from investors depositing shares or surrendering ADSs for the purpose of withdrawal or from intermediaries acting for them. The Depositary collects fees for making distributions to investors by deducting those fees from the amounts distributed or by selling a portion of distributable property to pay the fees. The Depositary may collect its annual fee for Depositary services by deduction from cash distributions or by directly billing investors or by charging the book-entry system accounts of participants acting for them. The Depositary may collect any of its fees by deduction from any cash distribution payable (or by selling a portion of securities or other property distributable) to ADS holders that are obligated to pay those fees. The Depositary may generally refuse to provide fee-attracting services until its fees for those services are paid.
From time to time, the Depositary may make payments to us to reimburse us for costs and expenses generally arising out of establishment and maintenance of the ADS program, waive fees and expenses for services provided to us by the Depositary or share revenue from the fees collected from ADS holders. In performing its duties under the deposit agreement, the Depositary may use brokers, dealers, foreign currency dealers or other service providers that are owned by or affiliated with the Depositary and that may earn or share fees, spreads or commissions.
The Depositary may convert currency itself or through any of its affiliates and, in those cases, acts as principal for its own account and not as agent, advisor, broker or fiduciary on behalf of any other person and earns revenue, including, without limitation, transaction spreads, that it will retain for its own account. The revenue is based on, among other things, the difference between the exchange rate assigned to the currency conversion made under the deposit agreement and the rate that the Depositary or its affiliate receives when buying or selling foreign currency for its own account. The Depositary makes no representation that the exchange rate used or obtained in any currency conversion under the deposit agreement will be the most favorable rate that could be obtained at the time or that the method by which that rate will be determined will be the most favorable to ADS holders, subject to the Depositary’s obligations under the deposit agreement. The methodology used to determine exchange rates used in currency conversions is available upon request.
Liability of Holders for Taxes, Duties or Other Charges
Any tax or other governmental charge with respect to ADSs or any deposited ordinary shares represented by any ADSs shall be payable by the holder of such ADSs to the Depositary. The Depositary may refuse to effect transfer of such ADSs or any withdrawal of deposited ordinary shares represented by such ADSs until such payment is made, and may withhold any dividends or other distributions or may sell for the account of the holder any part or all of the deposited ordinary shares represented by such ADSs and may apply such dividends or distributions or the proceeds of any such sale in payment of any such tax or other governmental charge and the holder of such ADSs shall remain liable for any deficiency.