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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 424B5 on 07/26/2017
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Changes Requiring Majority Approval
Any other change to the indenture and the debt securities would require the following approval:
If the change affects only one series of debt securities, it must be approved by the holders of a majority in principal amount of that series.
If the change affects more than one series of debt securities issued under the same indenture, it must be approved by the holders of a majority in principal amount of all of the series affected by the change, with all affected series voting together as one class for this purpose.
In each case, the required approval must be given by written consent.
The holders of a majority in principal amount of all of the series of debt securities issued under an indenture, voting together as one class for this purpose, may waive our compliance with some of our covenants in that indenture. However, we cannot obtain a waiver of a payment default or of any of the matters covered by the bullet points included above under “— Changes Requiring Your Approval.”
Changes Requiring the Israeli Court Approval
Under the Israeli Companies Law, any compromise or arrangement between a company and its shareholders or it debenture holders regarding a substantial change in the repayment terms of the debentures, which includes a payment reduction or postponement of repayment, including the arrangement or compromise under which the debentures will be repaid, in whole or in part, by issuance of other securities to the debenture holders, is regarded as a “Debt Arrangement.” Debt Arrangements are subject to a special procedure specified under the Israeli Companies Law and are subject to, among other things, the approval of a competent Israeli court, and to the appointment of an expert on behalf of the court, for examination of the proposed debt settlement.
Further Details Concerning Voting
When taking a vote, we will use the following rules to decide how much principal to attribute to a debt security:
For original issue discount securities, we will use the principal amount that would be due and payable on the voting date if the maturity of these debt securities were accelerated to that date because of a default.
For debt securities whose principal amount is not known (for example, because it is based on an index), we will use the principal face amount at original issuance or a special rule for that debt security described in the prospectus supplement.
For debt securities denominated in one or more foreign currencies, we will use the dollar equivalent.
Debt securities will not be considered outstanding, and therefore not eligible to vote, if we have deposited or set aside in trust money for their payment or redemption or if we, any other obligor, or any affiliate of us or any obligor own such debt securities. Debt securities will also not be eligible to vote if they have been fully defeased as described later under “Defeasance — Full Defeasance.”
We will generally be entitled to set any day as a record date for the purpose of determining the holders of outstanding indenture securities that are entitled to vote or take other action under the indenture. However, the record date may not be more than 30 days before the date of the first solicitation of holders to vote on or take such action. If we set a record date for a vote or other action to be taken by holders of one or more series, that vote or action may be taken only by persons who are holders of outstanding indenture securities of those series on the record date and must be taken within eleven months following the record date.