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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 424B5 on 07/26/2017
Entire Document

We must deliver certain certificates and documents to the trustee.
We must satisfy any other requirements specified in the prospectus supplement relating to a particular series of debt securities.
Modification or Waiver
There are three types of changes we can make to the indenture and the debt securities issued thereunder.
Changes Requiring Your Approval
First, there are changes that we cannot make to your debt securities without your specific approval. The following is a list of those types of changes:
change the stated maturity of the principal of, or interest on, a debt security;
reduce any amounts due on a debt security;
reduce the amount of principal payable upon acceleration of the maturity of a security following a default;
adversely affect any right of repayment at the holder’s option;
change the place (except as otherwise described in the prospectus or prospectus supplement) or currency of payment on a debt security;
impair your right to sue for payment;
adversely affect any right to convert or exchange a debt security in accordance with its terms;
modify the subordination provisions in the indenture in a manner that is adverse to holders of the debt securities;
reduce the percentage of holders of debt securities whose consent is needed to modify or amend the indenture;
reduce the percentage of holders of debt securities whose consent is needed to waive compliance with certain provisions of the indenture or to waive certain defaults;
modify any other aspect of the provisions of the indenture dealing with supplemental indentures, modification and waiver of past defaults, changes to the quorum or voting requirements or the waiver of certain covenants; and
change any obligation we have to pay additional amounts.
Changes Not Requiring Approval
The second type of change does not require any vote by the holders of the debt securities. This type is limited to clarifications and certain other changes that would not adversely affect holders of the outstanding debt securities in any material respect. We also do not need any approval to make any change that affects only debt securities to be issued under the indenture after the change takes effect.