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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 424B5 on 07/26/2017
Entire Document

the denominations in which the offered debt securities will be issued (if other than $1,000 and any integral multiple thereof for registered securities);
the provision for any sinking fund;
any restrictive covenants;
any Events of Default;
whether the series of debt securities are issuable in certificated form;
any provisions for defeasance or covenant defeasance;
any provisions regarding any future changes or modifications of the terms of the series of debt securities in light of the requirements under applicable law for effecting such changes or modifications;
any special Israeli and/or U.S. federal income tax implications, including, if applicable, Israeli and/or U.S. federal income tax considerations relating to original issue discount;
whether and under what circumstances we will pay additional amounts in respect of any tax, assessment or governmental charge and, if so, whether we will have the option to redeem the debt securities rather than pay the additional amounts (and the terms of this option);
any provisions for convertibility or exchangeability of the debt securities into or for any other securities;
whether the debt securities are subject to subordination and the terms of such subordination;
whether the debt securities are secured or unsecured and the terms of any security interests;
the listing, if any, on a securities exchange; and
any other terms.
The indenture provides that any debt securities proposed to be sold under this prospectus and the accompanying prospectus supplement (“offered debt securities”) may be issued under the indenture in one or more series.
For purposes of this prospectus, any reference to the payment of principal of or premium or interest, if any, on debt securities will include additional amounts if required by the terms of the debt securities.
The indenture does not limit the amount of debt securities that may be issued thereunder from time to time. Debt securities issued under the indenture, when a single trustee is acting for all debt securities issued under the indenture, are called the “indenture securities”. The indenture also provides that there may be more than one trustee thereunder, each with respect to one or more different series of indenture securities. See “Resignation of Trustee” below. At a time when two or more trustees are acting under the indenture, each with respect to only certain series, the term “indenture securities” means the one or more series of debt securities with respect to which each respective trustee is acting. In the event that there is more than one trustee under the indenture, the powers and trust obligations of each trustee described in this prospectus will extend only to the one or more series of indenture securities for which it is trustee. If two or more trustees are acting under the indenture, then the indenture securities for which each trustee is acting would be treated as if issued under separate indentures.