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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 424B5 on 07/26/2017
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Termination of the deposit agreement
The Depositary will terminate the deposit agreement if we ask it to do so and will notify the ADS holders at least 30 days before the date of termination. The Depositary may also terminate the deposit agreement if it resigns and a successor depositary has not been appointed by us and accepted its appointment within 60 days after the Depositary has given us notice of its resignation. After termination of the deposit agreement, the Depositary will no longer register transfers of ADSs, distribute dividends to the ADS holders, accept deposits of ordinary shares, give any notices, or perform any other acts under the deposit agreement whatsoever, except that the Depositary will continue to:
collect dividends and other distributions pertaining to deposited securities;
sell rights as described under the heading “Dividends, other distributions and rights — Rights to subscribe for additional shares and other rights” above; and
deliver deposited securities, together with any dividends or other distributions received with respect thereto and the net proceeds of the sale of any rights or other property, in exchange for surrendered ADSs.
Four months after termination, the Depositary may sell the deposited securities and hold the proceeds of the sale, together with any other cash then held by it, for the pro rata benefit of ADS holders that have not surrendered their ADSs. The Depositary will not have liability for interest on the sale proceeds or any cash it holds.
Charges of Depositary
We will pay the fees, reasonable expenses and out-of-pocket charges of the Depositary and those of any registrar only in accordance with agreements in writing entered into between us and the Depositary from time to time. The following charges shall be incurred by any party depositing or withdrawing ordinary shares or by any party surrendering ADSs or to whom ADSs are issued (including, without limitation, issuance pursuant to a stock dividend or stock split declared by us or an exchange of stock regarding the ADSs or deposited ordinary shares or a distribution of ADSs pursuant to the terms of the deposit agreement):
taxes and other governmental charges;
any applicable transfer or registration fees;
certain cable, telex and facsimile transmission charges as provided in the Deposit Agreement;
any expenses incurred in the conversion of foreign currency;
a fee of $5.00 or less per 100 ADSs (or a portion thereof) for the execution and delivery of ADSs and the surrender of ADSs;
a fee of $.05 or less per ADS (or portion thereof) for any cash distribution made pursuant to the Deposit Agreement;
a fee for the distribution of securities pursuant to the Deposit Agreement;
in addition to any fee charged under clause 6, a fee of $.05 or less per ADS (or portion thereof) per annum for depositary services, which will be payable as provided in clause 10 below;
a fee for the distribution of proceeds of rights that the Depositary sells pursuant to the Deposit Agreement; and