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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 424B5 on 07/26/2017
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Each ADS represents one ordinary share. Our ADSs trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market.
The form of the deposit agreement for the ADS and the form of American Depositary Receipt (ADR) that represents an ADS have been incorporated by reference as exhibits to this registration statement on Form F-3. Copies of the deposit agreement are available for inspection at the principal office of The Bank of New York Mellon, located at 101 Barclay Street, New York, New York 10286, and at the principal office of our custodians, Bank Leumi Le-Israel, 34 Yehuda Halevi St., Tel-Aviv 65546, Israel and Bank Hapoalim B.M., 104 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv 63432, Israel.
Dividends, Other Distributions and Rights
Amounts distributed to ADS holders will be reduced by any taxes or other governmental charges required to be withheld by the custodian or the Depositary. If the Depositary determines that any distribution in cash or property is subject to any tax or governmental charges that the Depositary or the custodian is obligated to withhold, the Depositary may use the cash or sell or otherwise dispose of all or a portion of that property to pay the taxes or governmental charges. The Depositary will then distribute the balance of the cash and/or property to the ADS holders entitled to the distribution, in proportion to their holdings.
Cash dividends and cash distributions
The Depositary will convert into dollars all cash dividends and other cash distributions that it or the custodian receives in a foreign currency. The Depositary will distribute to the ADS holders the amount it receives, after deducting any currency conversion expenses. If the Depositary determines that any foreign currency it receives cannot be converted and transferred on a reasonable basis, it may distribute the foreign currency (or an appropriate document evidencing the right to receive the currency), or hold that foreign currency uninvested, without liability for interest, for the accounts of the ADS holders entitled to receive it.
Distributions of ordinary shares
If we distribute ordinary shares as a dividend or free distribution, the Depositary may, with our approval, and will, at our request, distribute to ADS holders new ADSs representing the ordinary shares. The Depositary will distribute only whole ADSs. It will sell the ordinary shares that would have required it to use fractional ADSs and then distribute the proceeds in the same way it distributes cash. If the Depositary deposits the ordinary shares but does not distribute additional ADSs, the existing ADSs will also represent the new ordinary shares.
If holders of ordinary shares have the option of receiving a dividend in cash or in shares, we may also grant that option to ADS holders.
Other distributions
If the Depositary or the custodian receives a distribution of anything other than cash or shares, the Depositary will distribute the property or securities to the ADS holder, in proportion to such holder’s holdings. If the Depositary determines that it cannot distribute the property or securities in this manner or that it is not feasible to do so, then, after consultation with us, it may distribute the property or securities by any means it thinks is equitable and practical, or it may sell the property or securities and distribute the net proceeds of the sale to the ADS holders.
Rights to subscribe for additional ordinary shares and other rights
If we offer our holders of ordinary shares any rights to subscribe for additional ordinary shares or any other rights, the Depositary will, if requested by us:
make the rights available to all or certain holders of ADSs, by means of warrants or otherwise, if lawful and practically feasible; or