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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 424B5 on 07/26/2017
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Pursuant to the Israeli Companies Law, we may only distribute dividends from our profits accrued over the previous two years or the overall balance of the profits, whichever is greater, all as defined in the Israeli Companies Law, according to our then last reviewed or audited financial reports, provided that the date of the financial reports is not more than six months prior to the date of distribution, or we may distribute dividends with court approval.  In each case, we are only permitted to pay a dividend if there is no reasonable concern that payment of the dividend will prevent us from satisfying our existing and foreseeable obligations as they become due.
In the event of our liquidation, after satisfaction of liabilities to creditors, our assets will be distributed to the holders of our ordinary shares in proportion to their shareholdings.  This right, as well as the right to receive dividends, may be affected by the grant of preferential dividend or distribution rights to the holders of a class of shares with preferential rights that may be authorized in the future.
Shareholder Meetings
Under Israeli law, we are required to hold an annual general meeting of our shareholders once every calendar year that must be no later than 15 months after the date of the previous annual general meeting.  All meetings other than the annual general meeting of shareholders are referred to as special meetings.  Our Board of Directors may call special meetings whenever it sees fit, at such time and place, within or outside of Israel, as it may determine.  In addition, the Israeli Companies Law and our Articles of Association provide that our Board of Directors is required to convene a special meeting upon the written request of (a) any two of our directors or one quarter of our Board of Directors or (b) one or more shareholders holding, in the aggregate, either (1) 5% of our outstanding shares and 1% of our outstanding voting power or (2) 5% of our outstanding voting power.
Subject to the provisions of the Israeli Companies Law and the regulations promulgated thereunder, shareholders entitled to participate and vote at general meetings are the shareholders of record on a date to be decided by the board of directors, which may be between four and 40 days prior to the date of the meeting.  Furthermore, the Israeli Companies Law and our Articles of Association require that resolutions regarding the following matters must be passed at a general meeting of our shareholders:
amendments to our Articles of Association;
appointment or termination of our auditors;
appointment of directors and appointment and dismissal of external directors;
approval of acts and transactions requiring general meeting approval pursuant to the Israeli Companies Law;
approval of our compensation policy for directors and office holders;
compensation of directors and/or the principal executive officer, indemnification and change of the principal executive officer;
increases or reductions of our authorized share capital;
a merger; and
the exercise of our Board of Director’s powers by a general meeting, if our Board of Directors is unable to exercise its powers and the exercise of any of its powers is required for our proper management.
The Israeli Companies Law requires that a notice of any annual or special shareholders meeting be provided at least 21 days prior to the meeting and if the agenda of the meeting includes the appointment or removal of directors, the approval of transactions with office holders or interested or related parties, or an approval of a merger, notice must be provided at least 35 days prior to the meeting.