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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 424B5 on 07/26/2017
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The following description of our share capital and provisions of our Articles of Association are summaries and do not purport to be complete.
Ordinary Shares
At October 15, 2015, our authorized share capital consists of 150 million ordinary shares, par value NIS 0.10 per share, of which 54,654,811 shares are issued and outstanding as of October 15, 2015.
All of our outstanding ordinary shares will be validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable. Our ordinary shares are not redeemable and do not have any preemptive rights. Pursuant to Israeli securities laws, a company whose shares are traded on the TASE may not have more than one class of shares (subject to an exception which is not applicable to us), and all outstanding shares must be validly issued and fully paid. Shares and convertible securities may not be issued without the consent of the Israeli Securities Authority and all outstanding shares must be registered for trading on the TASE.
Registration Number and Purposes of the Company
Our number with the Israeli Registrar of Companies is 513398750. Our purpose appears in our Articles of Association and includes every lawful purpose.
Transfer of Shares
Our ordinary shares that are fully paid for are issued in registered form and may be freely transferred under our Articles of Association, unless the transfer is restricted or prohibited by applicable law or the rules of a stock exchange on which the shares are traded.  The ownership or voting of our ordinary shares by non-residents of Israel is not restricted in any way by our Articles of Association or the laws of the State of Israel, except for ownership by nationals of some countries that are, or have been, in a state of war with Israel.
Election of Directors
Our ordinary shares do not have cumulative voting rights in the election of directors.  As a result, the holders of a majority of the voting power represented at a shareholders meeting have the power to elect all of our directors, subject to the special approval requirements for external directors.
Pursuant to our Articles of Association, other than the external directors, for whom special election requirements apply under the Israeli Companies Law, our directors are elected at a general or special meeting of our shareholders and serve on the Board of Directors until they are removed by the majority of our shareholders at a general or special meeting of our shareholders or upon the occurrence of certain events, in accordance with the Israeli Companies Law and our Articles of Association.  In addition, our Articles of Association allow our Board of Directors to appoint directors to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors to serve until the next general meeting or special meeting, or earlier if required by our Articles of Association or applicable law.  We have held elections for each of our non-external directors at each annual meeting of our shareholders since our initial public offering in Israel.  External directors are elected for an initial term of three years and may be removed from office pursuant to the terms of the Israeli Companies Law.
Dividend and Liquidation Rights
We may declare a dividend to be paid to the holders of our ordinary shares in proportion to their respective shareholdings.  Under the Israeli Companies Law, dividend distributions are determined by the board of directors and do not require the approval of the shareholders of a company unless the company’s articles of association provide otherwise.  Our Articles of Association do not require shareholder approval of a dividend distribution and provide that dividend distributions may be determined by our Board of Directors.