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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 6-K on 08/11/2016
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Ø In August 2016, we entered into an additional collaboration agreement for the investigation of BL-8040 in combination with KEYTRUDA in pancreatic cancer – this time with MD Anderson Cancer Center. The study will be conducted as an investigator-sponsored study, as part of a strategic clinical research collaboration between Merck and MD Anderson Cancer Center aimed at evaluating KEYTRUDA in combination with various treatments and novel drugs. The open-label, single center, single-arm Phase 2 study will focus on the mechanism of action by which both drugs might synergize. In addition to assessing clinical response, the study will include multiple assessments to evaluate the biological anti-tumor effects induced by the combination. BioLineRx will supply BL-8040 for the study, which is expected to commence later this year.
Ø In addition to the above, we are conducting, or planning to conduct, two small proof-of-concept, open-label studies for BL-8040 in other therapeutic indications – (i) as a treatment for hypoplastic myelodysplastic syndrome (hMDS) and aplastic anemia (AA), and (ii) for the treatment of AML patients with the FLT3-ITD mutation.
Ø In September 2013, the FDA granted an Orphan Drug Designation to BL-8040 as a therapeutic for the treatment of AML; and in January 2014, the FDA granted an Orphan Drug Designation to BL-8040 as a treatment for stem cell mobilization. In January 2015, the FDA modified this Orphan Drug Designation for BL-8040 for use either as a single agent or in combination with G-CSF.
· BL-7010 is a novel, non-absorbable, orally available, high-molecular-weight co-polymer intended for the treatment of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. In November 2014, we reported final results from a Phase 1/2 trial that was conducted at Tampere Hospital in Finland, a leading site for celiac research. This study was conducted based on an initial medical device submission, under a conditional approval received from the regulatory authorities. BL-7010 was found to be safe and well tolerated in both single- and repeated-dose administrations. Based on these results, we selected the dosing regimen of one gram, three times per day, of BL-7010 as the optimal repeated dose in the next efficacy study for celiac patients. In January 2016, we received confirmation regarding the classification of BL-7010 as a Class IIb medical device in the European Union.
Over the last year, we have invested considerable efforts in examining alternative development and commercialization pathways for BL-7010, in addition to the celiac disease pathway, including as a food supplement, in order to potentially address the multi-billion-dollar market for gluten sensitivity. We believe the gluten sensitivity market has a significantly shorter time to market than drug or device pathways, especially in the U.S. market, where the device pathway is not available for BL-7010. We are currently conducting a number of activities towards the development of BL-7010 as a food supplement, including the development of a suitable product formulation, preparation of the documents necessary for a GRAS designation submission, and preparations for a relatively small clinical trial to support the marketing efforts we may conduct regarding gluten and/or gluten sensitivity. We expect to complete these activities by mid-2017 in order to support partnering discussions for the food supplement market in the U.S. and other relevant territories at that time. We will also continue to evaluate the pathway in Europe for celiac disease and will make a decision about the timing and scope of the next efficacy study for European registration later this year.
· BL-5010 is a customized, proprietary pen-like applicator containing a novel, acidic, aqueous solution for the non-surgical removal of skin lesions. In December 2010, we announced positive results from a Phase 1/2 clinical trial of BL-5010. We have received European confirmation of the regulatory pathway classification of BL-5010 as a Class IIa medical device. In December 2014, we entered into an exclusive out-licensing arrangement with Omega Pharma, a division of Perrigo Company plc, for the rights to BL-5010 for over-the-counter, or OTC, indications in the territory of Europe, Australia and additional selected countries. During 2015, Omega Pharma conducted a 30-patient, open-label clinical study to evaluate the advantages of BL-5010 in one of the intended OTC indications. Study results indicate that BL-5010 is safe and efficacious. In March 2016, Omega Pharma received CE Mark approval for BL-5010 as a novel OTC treatment for the non-surgical removal of warts. The commercial product launch of this first OTC indication (warts/verrucas) commenced in the second quarter of 2016 and it is already being sold in a number of countries in the EU. The launch in additional EU countries will continue to be gradually carried out by Omega Pharma over the next 6-9 months, and beyond that time frame for additional territories. In addition, Omega Pharma has already started to develop another OTC indication for this product. To date, we have not recorded material revenues from our collaboration with Omega Pharma, but we expect revenues to gradually increase as the first product launch expands and the second product launch commences. Our current estimate for peak future royalty revenues from the first indication is in the $2-4 million per year range, and we estimate that it may take another few years to gradually ramp up to this level.