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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 20-F on 03/10/2016
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We have also established a defined ratio between the variable and the fixed components of compensation, as well as a maximum amount for all variable components as of the date on which they are paid (or as of the grant date for non-cash variable equity components), and subject to the limitations on variable compensation components which are set out in the Compensation Policy.
In addition, we have established guidelines under which an office holder will refund to us part of the compensation received, if it was paid based on information that was retroactively restated in our financial reports.  Office holders shall be required to make restitution for any payments made based on our operating performance, if such payments were based on false or restated financial statements prepared at any time during the three years preceding discovery of the error.
All compensation arrangements of office holders are to be approved in the manner prescribed by applicable law.  Our Compensation Committee will review the Compensation Policy on an annual basis, and monitor its implementation, and recommend to our Board of Directors and shareholders to amend the Policy as it deems necessary from time to time. The term of the Compensation Policy shall be three years as of the date of its adoption on December 19, 2013. Following such three year term, the Compensation Policy, including any revisions recommended by our Compensation Committee and approved by our Board of Directors, as applicable, will be brought once again to the shareholders for approval.
In September 2014, the general meeting of our shareholders approved an amendment to the Compensation Policy to expressly authorize the purchase of insurance policies (including run-off policies) to cover the liability of directors and office holders. See “ — Exculpation, insurance and indemnification of office holders”
Nominating Committee
Our Board of Directors does not currently have a nominating committee, having availed BioLineRx of the exemption available to foreign private issuers under the Marketplace Rules of the Nasdaq Stock Market. See “Item 16G. Corporate Governance.”
Investment Monitoring Committee
Our Board of Directors has established an Investment Monitoring Committee consisting of four members: Directors Michael Anghel and Nurit Benjamini; Philip Serlin, our Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer; and Raziel Fried, our Budget Control Manager and Treasurer. The function of the Investment Monitoring Committee includes providing recommendations to our Board of Directors regarding investment guidelines and performing an on-going review of the fulfillment of established investment guidelines. The Investment Monitoring Committee convenes for a meeting in accordance with our needs, but in any event at least twice per year. The Investment Monitoring Committee reports to our Board of Directors on a semi-annual basis.
Internal Auditor
Under the Companies Law, the board of directors of an Israeli public company must appoint an internal auditor recommended by the audit committee and nominated by the board of directors. An internal auditor may not be:
a person (or a relative of a person) who holds more than 5% of the company’s shares;
a person (or a relative of a person) who has the power to appoint a director or the general manager of the company;
an executive officer or director of the company; or
a member of the company’s independent accounting firm.
The role of the internal auditor is to examine, among other things, our compliance with applicable law and orderly business procedures. Our internal auditor is Linur Dloomy, CPA (Israel), a partner of Brightman Almagor Zohar & Co. (a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited).