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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 20-F on 03/10/2016
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Your rights and responsibilities as a shareholder will be governed by Israeli law which may differ in some respects from the rights and responsibilities of shareholders of U.S. companies.
We are incorporated under Israeli law. The rights and responsibilities of the holders of our ordinary shares are governed by our Articles of Association and Israeli law. These rights and responsibilities differ in some respects from the rights and responsibilities of shareholders in typical U.S.-based corporations. In particular, a shareholder of an Israeli company has a duty to act in good faith toward the company and other shareholders and to refrain from abusing its power in the company, including, among other things, in voting at the general meeting of shareholders on matters such as amendments to a company’s articles of association, increases in a company’s authorized share capital, mergers and acquisitions and interested party transactions requiring shareholder approval. In addition, a shareholder who knows that it possesses the power to determine the outcome of a shareholder vote or to appoint or prevent the appointment of a director or executive officer in the company has a duty of fairness toward the company.  There is limited case law available to assist us in understanding the implications of these provisions that govern shareholders’ actions. These provisions may be interpreted to impose additional obligations and liabilities on holders of our ordinary shares that are not typically imposed on shareholders of U.S. corporations.
A. History and Development of the Company
Our legal and commercial name is BioLineRx Ltd. We are a company limited by shares organized under the laws of the State of Israel. Our principal executive offices are located at 2 HaMa’ayan Street, Modi’in 7177871, Israel, and our telephone number is +972 (8) 642-9100.
We were founded in 2003 by leading institutions in the Israeli life sciences industry, including Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., or Teva. We completed our initial public offering in Israel in February 2007 and our ordinary shares are traded on the TASE under the symbol “BLRX.” In July 2011, we listed our ADSs on Nasdaq and they are traded under the symbol “BLRX.”
Our capital expenditures for the years ended December 31, 2013, 2014 and 2015 were $0.1 million, $0.2 million and $2.7 million, respectively. Our current capital expenditures involve acquisitions of laboratory equipment, computers and communications equipment.
B. Business Overview
We are a clinical stage biopharmaceutical development company dedicated to identifying, in-licensing and developing therapeutic candidates that have advantages over currently available therapies or that address unmet medical needs. Our current development pipeline consists of three main clinical-stage therapeutic candidates: BL-8040, a novel peptide for the treatment of multiple cancer and hematological indications; BL-7010, a novel co-polymer for the treatment of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity; and BL-5010, a customized, proprietary, pen-like applicator containing a novel, acidic, aqueous solution, which is being developed in Europe as a medical device for the non-surgical removal of benign skin lesions. In addition, we have three other therapeutic candidates in various stages of clinical and preclinical development. We generate our pipeline by systematically identifying, rigorously validating and in-licensing therapeutic candidates that we believe exhibit a relatively high probability of therapeutic and commercial success. None of our therapeutic candidates have been approved for marketing and, to date, there have been no commercial sales of any of our therapeutic candidates. Our strategy includes commercializing our therapeutic candidates through out-licensing arrangements with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We also evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, co-development and similar arrangements and the commercialization of our therapeutic candidates independently.
In December 2014, we entered into a strategic collaboration with Novartis Pharma AG, or Novartis, for the co-development of selected Israeli-sourced novel drug candidates. Under the agreement, we intend, in collaboration with Novartis, to co-develop a number of pre-clinical and early clinical therapeutic projects through clinical proof-of-concept for potential future licensing by Novartis.
Our focus is principally on the therapeutic areas of oncology and immunology. However, we may also in-license therapeutic compounds outside of these areas in connection with our strategic collaboration with Novartis, as well as to a limited extent for our independent pipeline as the opportunities arise.