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BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 20-F on 03/10/2016
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BioLineRx Ltd.

Functional and reporting currency (cont.)

For presentation purposes, comparative figures in these financial statements have been translated into dollars on the following basis: (i) assets and liabilities have been translated using the exchange rate prevailing at December 31, 2014; (ii) the statement of comprehensive loss has been translated at the average exchange rates for the relevant reporting periods; and (iii) the results of translation differences have been recorded as “currency translation differences” within other comprehensive income (loss).

Property and equipment

Property and equipment are stated at historical cost less depreciation and related grants received from the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (the “OCS”) – see also 2g below. Historical cost includes expenditures that are directly attributable to the acquisition of the items. Assets are depreciated by the straight-line method over the estimated useful lives of the assets, provided that the Company’s management believes the residual values of the assets to be negligible, as follows:

Computers and communications equipment
Office furniture and equipment
Laboratory equipment
The assets’ residual values, methods of depreciation and useful lives are reviewed and adjusted, if appropriate, at each balance sheet date. An asset’s carrying amount is written down immediately to its recoverable amount if the asset’s carrying amount is greater than its estimated recoverable amount.

Leasehold improvements are amortized by the straight-line method over the shorter of the lease term or the estimated useful life of the improvements.
Intangible assets

The Company applies the cost method of accounting for initial and subsequent measurements of intangible assets. Under this method of accounting, intangible assets are carried at cost less any accumulated amortization and any accumulated impairment losses.

Intellectual property
The Company recognizes in its financial statements intangible assets developed by the Company to the extent that the conditions stipulated in p. below are met. Intellectual property acquired by the Company is initially measured at cost. Intellectual property acquired by the Company for development purposes is not amortized and is tested annually for impairment. See f. below.

Computer software
Acquired computer software licenses are capitalized on the basis of the costs incurred to acquire and bring to use the specific software. These costs are amortized over the estimated useful lives of the software (3-5 years).