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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 6-K on 08/20/2015
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Partnering and Collaboration Agreements
In 2009, we entered into an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-bearing licensing agreement with Bellerophon (formerly known as “Ikaria Development Subsidiary One LLC”). Under the agreement, we granted Bellerophon an exclusive, worldwide license to develop, manufacture and commercialize BL-1040 for use in the prevention, mitigation and treatment of injuries to the myocardial tissue of the heart. Under the arrangement, Bellerophon is obligated to use commercially reasonable efforts to complete clinical development of, and to commercialize, BL-1040 or products related thereto. We received an upfront payment of $7.0 million upon the execution of the license agreement. Upon successful completion of the Phase 1/2 clinical trial, Bellerophon paid us a milestone payment of $10.0 million in March 2010, and we are entitled to receive additional milestone payments upon the occurrence of certain events, as well as royalty payments on product sales, if any. Additionally, in April 2015, Bellerophon reimbursed us for certain legal fees in the amount of $250,000.

In June 2013, we signed an out-licensing agreement with CTTQ, the leading Chinese pharmaceutical company in the liver disease therapeutic area, for the development and commercialization of BL-8030, an orally available treatment for HCV. Under the terms of the agreement, we granted CTTQ exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize BL-8030 in China and Hong Kong. CTTQ paid us a small upfront license fee, and is obligated to pay future development, regulatory and commercialization milestones, for a total potential deal value of approximately $30 million. In addition, we have the right to receive high single-digit royalties on future sales of the drug. We have retained the right to develop and commercialize BL-8030 in other parts of the world.
In January 2014, we signed a collaboration agreement with JHL Biotech, or JHL, a biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes biologic medicines. Pursuant to the agreement, we will collaborate with JHL in the development and commercialization of BL-9020, a novel monoclonal antibody in the preclinical development stage for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. JHL will be responsible for all process development and manufacturing of BL-9020 during its pre-clinical and clinical development stages, and we will be responsible for all pre-clinical development of BL-9020. JHL will have global manufacturing rights to BL-9020, along with development and commercialization rights in China and Southeast Asia, and we will have development and commercialization rights in the rest of the world. In all development and manufacturing of BL-9020, JHL will adhere to FDA guidelines and regulations. Each party will have rights to all development and regulatory data generated under the agreement in order to commercialize BL-9020 in its respective territory. Each party will also be entitled to single-digit royalties on the sale of BL-9020 in the other party’s respective territory.
In December 2014, we entered into a strategic collaboration with Novartis Pharma AG, or Novartis, for the co-development of selected Israeli-sourced novel drug candidates. Under the agreement, we intend, in collaboration with Novartis, to co-develop a number of pre-clinical and early clinical therapeutic projects through clinical proof-of-concept for potential future licensing by Novartis.
In December 2014, we entered into an exclusive out-licensing arrangement with Omega Pharma for the rights to BL-5010 for OTC indications in the territory of Europe, Australia and additional selected countries. We will retain the rights to BL-5010 in the United States and the rest of the world. Under our out-licensing arrangement with Omega Pharma, Omega Pharma is obligated to use commercially reasonable best efforts to obtain regulatory approval in the licensed territory for at least two OTC indications and to commercialize BL-5010 for those two OTC indications. In addition, Omega Pharma will sponsor and manufacture BL-5010 in the relevant regions. Omega Pharma will pay us an agreed amount for each unit sold, and we will be entitled to certain commercial milestone payments. In addition, we will have full access to all clinical and research and development data generated during the performance of the development plan and may use these data in order to develop or license the product in other territories and fields of use where we retain the rights.