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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form 6-K on 08/20/2015
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BioLineRx Ltd. (“BioLineRx”), headquartered in Modi’in, Israel, was incorporated and commenced operations in April 2003.

Since incorporation, BioLineRx and its consolidated entities (collectively, the “Company”) have been engaged in the development of therapeutics, from pre-clinical-stage development to advanced clinical trials, for a wide range of medical needs.

In December 2004, BioLineRx registered a limited partnership, BioLine Innovations Jerusalem L.P. (“BIJ LP”), which commenced operations in January 2005. BioLineRx held a 99% interest in BIJ LP, with the remaining 1% held by a wholly owned subsidiary of BioLineRx, BioLine Innovations Ltd. (“BIJ Ltd.”). BIJ LP was established to operate a biotechnology incubator located in Jerusalem (the “Incubator”) under an agreement with the State of Israel. The agreement with the State of Israel relating to the Incubator terminated on December 31, 2013, and BIJ LP was liquidated in 2014. The Company expects to liquidate BIJ Ltd. during 2015.

In February 2007, BioLineRx listed its securities on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (“TASE”) and they have been traded on the TASE since that time. Since July 2011, BioLineRx’s American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) have also been traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market.

The Company has been engaged in drug development since its incorporation. Although the Company has generated significant revenues from a number of out-licensing transactions, the Company cannot determine with reasonable certainty when and if it will have sustainable profits.

Change in functional and reporting currency

Effective January 1, 2015, the Company changed its functional currency to the U.S. dollar (“dollar”, “USD” or “$”) from the New Israeli Shekel (“NIS”). This change was based on an assessment by Company management that the dollar is the primary currency of the economic environment in which the Company operates. Accordingly, the functional and reporting currency of the Company in these financial statements is the U.S. dollar.

In determining the appropriate functional currency to be used, the Company followed the guidance in International Accounting Standard (IAS) 21, which states that economic factors relating to sales, costs and expenses, financing activities and cash flows, as well as other potential factors, should be considered both individually and collectively. In this regard, a significant element in the Company’s decision to effect the functional currency change resulted from the strategic collaboration agreement that it entered into with Novartis in December 2014, which will be managed solely in dollars. In addition, the Company expects a significant increase in expenses denominated in dollars relating to advanced clinical trials. These changes, as well as the fact that the Company’s principal source of financing is the U.S. capital market, and all of the Company’s budgeting and planning is conducted solely in dollars, led to the decision to make the change in functional currency as of January 1, 2015, as indicated above.