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SEC filings
BIOLINERX LTD. filed this Form F-3 on 07/16/2015
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b) You have informed us that you intend to issue the Securities from time to time on a delayed or continuous basis, and this opinion is limited to the laws, including the rules and regulations, as in effect on the date hereof.
We hereby consent to the filing of this opinion as an exhibit to the Registration Statement. We also hereby consent to the reference to our firm under the heading “Legal Matters” in the prospectus, which forms a part of the Registration Statement. By giving our consent, we do not admit that we are in the category of persons whose consent is required under Section 7 of the Act or the rules and regulations issued or promulgated thereunder.
This opinion is being delivered to you for your information in connection with the above matter and addresses matters only as of the date hereof.
Very truly yours,
/s/ Yigal Arnon & Co.

 Yigal Arnon & Co.

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